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Arnsworth Belts are holeless high quality belts that feature premium FULL GRAIN leather in the fabrication of all our belts. All of our mens leather belts feature ratchet buckles, sometimes referred to as automatic buckles. Our ratchet belts, or automatic belts, come in an extra long length of approximately 55 inches. This slide belt can be trimmed for appropriate sizing and can accommodate a pants size up to 50 inches.

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Unlike traditional belts, our no hole belts have 30 plus sizing options for a perfect fit every time.

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Discover Comfort And Style With Arnsworth Belts

At Arnsworth, we do the leather ratchet belt right. As more men discover the benefits that come with this unique system, from extending the life of their belts to giving them more comfort than any belt they’ve ever owned, our men’s ratchet belts become an essential component of their wardrobe on an everyday basis

Take a look through our catalog, pair the perfect strap with the perfect buckle in our Belt Builder tool, and create the best ratchet belt on the market. With our specials, you can create your own combinations of straps and buckles for a great price and be ready for every occasion.

The Arnsworth Look

As soon as you see how our men’s belt without holes looks on you, you’ll never go back. There’s a clean, professional, and striking appearance to an Arnsworth belt that you’ll love making part of your personal style. Our men’s leather ratchet belt straps are available in a variety of colors and textures so that you can switch them with your favorite buckles and achieve the perfect vibe for every event.

Why choose a dress belt without holes? The 30 sizing options of the Arnsworth belt grant far more versatility, which means that every time you put your belt on, you are guaranteed the perfect fit and perfect comfort.

Our Easy Belt Sizing System

Your adjustable belt with no holes from Arnsworth will always be exactly the right size. When you order your strap from us, it arrives at a length of 55 inches. Simply try the strap on, cut it to the correct size, and attach one of our buckles to complete the belt.

Our belts with no holes are longer-lasting, crafted from premium full grain leather and built with superior workmanship. Order yours today and find out why the men’s belt with no holes is becoming the accessory of choice for men across the country who want to both look great and feel great at the same time.

Leave The Traditional Belt Behind

Ratchet belts are known by different terms, such as automatic belts or slide belts. The primary and critical difference between the Arnsworth belt and the traditional design is the lack of holes and its 30-size system that gives every man the perfect fit every time. With completely interchangeable buckles and straps, it’s easy to build the right belt for you.

Select the straps that match your style, browse our 40+ ratchet belt buckle catalog, and start creating the belt combinations that you want for work, vacation, social events, and every other occasion that comes your way.


How does the belt work with no holes?

While an automatic belt looks like it’s being held in place by magic, it’s more simple than that! The ratchet belt buckle clicks into one of the 30 sizes on the back of the strap, ensuring that each of our men’s slide belts is just the right size for comfort and functionality.

Why choose a dress belt without holes?

A men’s belt with no holes is simply stronger. Each time a traditional belt is latched in place by one of its holes it suffers wear, and eventually the belt is weakened and becomes vulnerable to tearing. In addition, the limited options of a belt with holes mean that the belt is almost always too tight or too loose.

Why are your straps so long?

We ship every strap at an original length of 55 inches. That’s long enough to fit a man with a 50-inch waist. The video instructions on our website explain how to cut the strap to fit your unique size and attach the ratchet belt buckle you select. If you’re worried about cutting your strap too short, cut it longer than you think it needs to be at first, then make a second cut if necessary.

Do I need a new buckle for every strap?

Because our buckles are all interchangeable with all of our strap designs, technically you only need one buckle to use with your straps. However, the variety of styles among our buckles gives you the opportunity to mix and match them, so we recommend adding several to your collection!

What is the difference between slide belts and automatic belts?

They are two names for the same belt system. Men’s ratchet belts and no hole belts are other names you’ll find for the same thing. We believe that the Arnsworth is the best ratchet belt on the market today, with very high quality materials and careful craftsmanship that make for a belt that looks amazing even after many years of everyday use.

Can I try out a ratchet dress belt?

Because of the way our dress belt without holes is constructed, it’s extremely likely that it will fit you perfectly and look better than any other belt you’ve tried! We do offer a generous return and exchange policy, which you can read in full on our Returns, Exchanges, and Warranty page.

I’d like to give a men’s leather ratchet belt as a gift. Where do I start?

We offer special pricing on buckle and strap combinations, which make incredible gifts for men who need to upgrade their belt game! You can choose two or three straps and two or three buckles to build your perfect gift box. Digital gift cards are available too, making it very convenient for you to give the gift of these innovative belts without holes and allow the recipient to make their own strap and buckle selections.

Is your men’s belt without holes designed for formal or casual wear?

Every occasion is ideal for an adjustable belt. No holes means perfect comfort and durability on the golf course, at the office, on the work site, or at a black tie dinner. Switch your leather ratchet belt strap with the buckle that fits the circumstances, and you’re ready for whatever the day holds.

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