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Build Your Own Belt


Full grain leather strap in Apricot
Full grain leather belt in black
Full grain leather belt in Coffee
Full grain leather belt in Espresso
Full grain leather strap in black crocodile
full grain leather strap in faux brown crocodile
full grain leather strap in Mahogany
Mocha leather belt strap
Tan colored belt strap
Walnut Belt Strap
Stylish belt buckle in brushed silver with a silver stripe
Stylish belt buckle in gunmetal finish
Brushed Silver finish with two bold horizontal copper stripes
Brushed silver finish with slightly raised circle pattern engraved on top and bottom
Brushed silver finish with one bold copper stripe in middle
Brushed silver finish with two polished silver stripes
Stylish silver frame with onyx inlay and silver accent
Stylish belt buckle in a polished gold finish Somerset
Stylish belt buckle in shiny silver finish
Stylish matte black belt buckle
Silver finish with three horizontal engraved lines
Stylish belt buckle in brushed gunmetal
Buckle with Shiny silver frame with brushed black finish inset with embellishment on front tip
Gunmetal finish with arrow embellishment and cutouts at top and bottom
Polished black frame with brushed black middle and raised square pattern embellishment
Glossy black finish, gold accent & raised diamond pattern in center

Product Description

  • Our belt is a high-quality belt that features notches instead of holes.
  • Each belt has over 30 sizing options, always providing you with a perfect fit.
  • Stylish buckles are made using a zinc alloy. and strap fronts are made from full grain leather.
  • The full grain leather is the most durable and strongest of leathers.
  • All of our buckles and straps are interchangeable.
  • Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 2-Year Warranty.

Using the Products


All of our straps come in an extra-long length of 55 inches. They will provide a comfortable fit for anyone wearing up to a 50-inch pant size. Our straps may be trimmed to any smaller size.

  1. Open the latch on the reverse side of the buckle.
  2. Insert the unfinished end of the strap into the buckle and close the latch.
  3. Put the belt through your belt loops around your waist.
  4. Now measure how much of the strap needs to be cut to provide you with a proper fit.
  5. Open the latch and remove the strap.
  6. Using a pair of regular scissors and cutting from the unfinished end of the strap, remove the excess portion of the strap. We recommend you cut a little less than the measured portion to avoid cutting too much. You can always make a second cut if necessary.
  7. Insert the strap back into the buckle and try the belt again for sizing.

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